Locations & Team

Head Office
Villa La Sorridente
Via Rivoira Don 24 – 10060 San Secondo di Pinerolo (TO) – Italy
Telephone: +39 0121-503-221; Fax: +39 0121-503-229
Email: info@discoveryitaly.org

Operational Office
Corso Unione Sovietica 612/15/C – 10135 Torino
Telephone: +39 011-347-3640; Fax: +39 011-347-3632
Email: info@discoveryitaly.org

Carlo Colomba

CEO e Founder

Denise Hart

General Manager and Technical Director
English mother tongue, excellent knowledge of Italian, good understanding of German


Valeria Tribolo

Operations Executive
Italian mother tongue, good knowledge of English and French


Diana Mitrofan

Study Tour coordination
Romanian mother tongue, excellent knowledge of Italian and English