Summer Incentive Sestriere

An incentive trip to Sestriere in the summer will amaze you with the number of activities it can offer, ideal for people that love the mountains, adventure and team spirit.  


Together we will create the ideal incentive trip for your company or client, fulfilling your requests thanks to our experience and knowledge of the area. 

LE NOSTRE ATTIVITÀ per i viaggi incentive A SESTRIERE


trekking val di susa : sestriere estate

Accompanied by expert guides you will be led along trails through woods and plains, from where you can admire the beauty of the summer mountains. 
During the activity it is possible to organise a stop in a mountain refuge for an energising snack. 


incentive e team building sestriere estate

Along white roads through breathtaking valleys following mountain streams fueled by waterfalls you will venture into a fun and stimulating experience. 


paintball incentive sestriere estate

The objective of the game is to conquer or eliminate the opponent by hitting them with balls filled with coloured paint. 
A team game, where cohesion and strategy will lead to victory. 

survival experience

team building survival experience piemonte sestriere estate

Survival experience will take you out of your comfort zone, together with colleagues you’ll learn how to survive in emergency situations. 


team building in montagna, sestriere estate

Together with a qualified teacher you will be emerged into a yoga session which will help you to reduce stress, improve your physical and psychological wellbeing and increase your motivation.  


team building in montagna

In the heart of the nature of the Val di Susa, together with your colleagues, you will challenge yourself by crossing high wooden bridges, using a Tarzan swing, climbing ladders and crossing a path of horizontal swings. 

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A 3-day programme for mountain, adventure and team spirit lovers.

On the first day, there will be a yoga session surrounded by nature in order to be prepared for the challenge that will be followed by a team activity, which plans to build a brazier in a fixed time. After the construction, the treasure hunt will start to provide the necessary for preparing the dinner with grilled meat.

On the second day, you can discover and streghten your team spirit through team building activities in the adventure park. Deep into the nature of Val Susa you will test yourself with your colleagues and friends crossing bridges with wooden beams, pegs, or hang in mid-air using the “Tarzan’s liana”, climbing stairs and crossing paths. The afternoon is dedicated to fun and game tactics with the soft air match: surround the enemy and defeat him in combat! 

After dinner, served in one of the typicial restaurants of the area, where you can taste traditional dishes, the fun continues with an evening at Tabata, the most exclusive and glamour club in Sestriere, popular with sport, showbiz and fashion VIPs and where the most famous DJs in the world have performed.

On the third day, you move to the Fort of Fenestrelle, the highest Military Fortress of Europe and the second “Muraglia” in the world for an orienteering activity. The group divided into teams and equipped with map and compass will have to learn how to orient and to reach the objectives set. This activity leads to teamwork and reasoning.

At the end of each day there will be free time for the participants to realx and share with their friends the emotions felt during the days. 

team building in montagna