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Discovery Italy, the best Destination Management Company in Piedmont and the surrounding area

Established in 1991 and originally licensed as Selene Tour s.a.s, Discovery Italy evolved into a fully functioning Destination Management Company (DMC) just in time for the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics. This transformation marked the beginning of a new era for the company, defined by high quality, professional staff, and competitive offers. Discovery Italy has meticulously selected the best suppliers to ensure top-notch services for its clients. Specializing in Piedmont and Northwest Italy, this DMC and incoming tour operator provides tailored offers for all seasons, ensuring a memorable experience regardless of the time of year.


Specialization and client feedback


Discovery Italy’s expertise lies not only in the organization of ski holidays and mountain sports but also in the management of incentives and guest services. Over the past decade, the company has received near-perfect feedback from clients for all its events and incentive trips. This includes a wide range of activities, from a party weekend for 530 Dutch tourists to a series of ski weeks specifically designed for singles. High-end incentive programs are also a hallmark of Discovery Italy, where attention to detail and strong customer support are consistently praised by both tour operators and final clients.


Diverse offerings for every Season


In addition to winter sports and incentives, Discovery Italy offers a variety of other services. These include cultural tours, wine and food experiences, and adventure sports, catering to diverse interests and preferences. The company’s deep knowledge of the local area and its commitment to quality make it a trusted partner for those seeking to explore the beauty and culture of Piedmont and Northwest Italy.

Commitment to Sustainability

Furthermore, Discovery Italy is committed to sustainability and responsible tourism. The company works closely with local communities and businesses to ensure that tourism benefits the region economically while preserving its natural and cultural heritage. This commitment to sustainability is reflected in all aspects of their operations, from selecting eco-friendly suppliers to promoting off-the-beaten-path destinations that reduce the impact on more tourist-heavy areas.

Whether you are planning a winter sports holiday, a cultural exploration, or a corporate incentive trip, Discovery Italy promises an exceptional experience. Their professional and dedicated team is ready to assist with every detail, ensuring that your trip is not only enjoyable but also unforgettable. Discover the best of Piedmont and Northwest Italy with Discovery Italy, your trusted destination management partner.


With over seven years of specialization in winter and summer
Discovery Italy has more than 10 years of experience…
Through our partnerships with institutions of higher education and University,
Italy is world famous for its food…


Ignited by the Olympic flames of Torino, Discovery Italy has since become a premier destination management company in Piedmont Italy. Marked by attention to detail, and well established experience, the Discovery Team strives to create the most vibrant, exciting, complete products, supporting them with a world class customer support team. Discovery Italy’s number one priority is the complete and total satisfaction of partners and corporate clients alike.