Incentive in Sestriere

Corporate Event in Sestriere


Enjoy three intensive ski days in the Vialattea, topped off by adrenaline pumping activities such as a go-kart race on the biggest ice circuit in Italy, or a snowmobile excursion amidst the enchanting snowy landscapes of pine and larch woods.

Also the evenings will be truly unique, with a dinner in a mountain refuge, that you will reach by snowmobiles or snowcat, and a traditional dinner with pierrade and raclette. The after dinner will end with en evening at Tabata, the most exclusive and glamour club in Sestriere, popular with sport, showbiz and fashion VIPs and where the most famous DJs in the world have performed.

The third day, after the final descent on the snow you will have lunch in a chalet to breathe once more the fresh mountain air before leaving, carrying with you unique memories and sensations.

For non-skiers, we propose the adventures of sled dogging with Siberian Huskies or a snowshoe excursion in the heart of nature. The pedestrian ski lifts enable even the non-skier to admire unique views over the mountains before joining their colleagues for lunch at the top of the world, and a peaceful afternoon in the hotel spa is also a more than valid alternative to skiing.

Details - Incentive in Sestriere

Duration: 3 days/3 nights

Groups: 10-20 people; on request we can adapt the programme for bigger groups

Proposals for Activities:

  • - 3 days of skiing in the Vialattea
  • - Go-kart race on ice circuit
  • - Dinner in mountain restaurant with snowcat or snowmobile transfer
  • - Snowmobile excursion
  • - Traditional dinner with alpine dishes (pierrade and raclette)
  • - Glamour Evening at Tabata discotheque (with reserved table)
  • - Lunch in chalet on the ski slopes near the hotel
  • - Sleddog excursion with Siberian Huskies (small groups or non-skiers)

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