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Discovery Italy, your perfect partner for Piedmont and the surrounding area

Established in 1991 licensed as Selene Tour s.a.s, Discovery Italy was transformed into a fully functioning DMC before the Torino 2006 Winter Olympics.  Defined by high quality, professional staff and competitive offers, Discovery Italy has also selected the best suppliers. This DMC – Destination Management Company & incoming tour operator is specialized in Piedmont and Northwest Italy with offers for all seasons.

With a specialty in ski holidays, mountain sports, incentives & guest management, we have had almost perfect customer feedback during all events and incentive trips over the last 10 years. Whether a party weekend for 530 Dutch tourists, a series of ski weeks devoted to singles or full-on top-end incentive programmes, both tour operators and final clients have expressed appreciation for our attention to detail and strong customer support.

With over seven years of specialization in winter and summer
Discovery Italy has more than 10 years of experience…
Through our partnerships with institutions of higher education and University,
Italy is world famous for its food…


Ignited by the Olympic flames of Torino, Discovery Italy has since become a premier destination management company in Piedmont Italy. Marked by attention to detail, and well established experience, the Discovery Team strives to create the most vibrant, exciting, complete products, supporting them with a world class customer support team. Discovery Italy’s number one priority is the complete and total satisfaction of partners and corporate clients alike.