Hills Activities

If you say Piedmont you say Enogastronomy, but not only … Here below we indicate only some of the many activities that Discovery can offer to customers who wish to combine the classic Enogastronomic Tour with exciting experiences.

The Piedmontese hilly region, which includes, among others, the Roero, the Langhe and the Monferrato, is the ideal place for those who want to discover our territory and enjoy it to the full, and for companies that are looking for activities of team building for its employees, immersed in one of the most evocative views in Italy … UNESCO also says it!

Truffle search

Accompanied by a professional trifolau and his dog, you can go in search of black and white truffles that grow naturally in these areas, combining it all with a pleasant walk in the open air immersed in nature.

Cooking Classes

You will make a journey to discover the flavors of tradition, learning from an expert chef some secrets of the flavors and the magical way to combine the ingredients for the creation of the typical dishes of Langhe, Monferrato and Roero.

Wine Tasting

For lovers of good food and good wine, Piedmont and its hills are a must. Our region is the producer of some of the most famous wines in the world (Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Moscato d’Asti and many others). What better time to learn how it is grown and aged and learn some tricks to show off at dinners with friends?


Accompanied by an experienced instructor, the group can experience the thrill of flying over the top of the hills, catching the beauty of these breathtaking views at a glance.

Hot air balloon

The Piedmontese hills are the ideal place to live this unique experience. You can enjoy all the beauty of this area at a glance. But when does it happen again?


Our hills boast some of the best golf clubs in Italy. Combine the pleasure of a 9 or 18-hole course with relaxation and good food that Piedmont can offer!

Vespa Excursions

To experience a relaxing and fun adventure on two wheels, an excursion on the famous Vespas through the vineyards is an experience not to be missed. The excursion will pass through some of the most evocative viewpoints and you can round off the day with a good glass of wine and visit a historic winery.

Quad Excursions

The quad is a fun way to explore the Piedmont hills and discover glimpses of amazing landscapes. You can choose between more challenging routes through vineyards and woods or more simple and scenic routes, ending in front of a good glass of wine and a chopping board of local products in one of the local wineries or in a medieval castle.


This special sporting discipline, which provides orientation in places immersed in nature with the only help of compass and topographic map, is also an excellent team building activity: it highlights problem-solving skills, creates team spirit, facilitates the recognizability of the figure of the leader who will learn to win by giving everyone the task more in line with his abilities.