Mountain Holidays


"The mountains are calling, and I must go!"
John Muir, Founder Sierra Club & Champion of the Nature Preserve

Winter Activities

Discovery Italy was born with the spirit of the Winter Olympics in 2006.  With an unmatched passion in winter sports, we offer our clients a full catalogue of winter activities sure to entice both thrill seekers and those in search of something new.

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Our Ski Resorts

Partnered with local suppliers and with intimate knowledge of the valleys in Northern Italy, Discovery Italy offers world class resorts in competitive packages, tailor made to both amaze and satisfy you and your group. 

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Summer Activities

In the summer the mountain has a magic all of its own. Let us open up the mountain to you with one of our many summer activities meant to thrill and excite any client looking for a new experience.  

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Special Events & Incentives

Whether it is a special dinner to show appreciation to your group, or an unforgettable party, we at Discovery Italy know how to make you and your clients very happy.  We can even suggest and help you find activities based on the specifications of your group.

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Services We Offer

With near perfect customer feedback, Discovery Italy, over the years, has continuously improved its service for all of our Mountain Holiday visitors.  Both tour operators and final clients are given professional and strong support, unmatched in the region.

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Discovery Italy

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Our Mission

Ignited by the Olympic flames of Torino, Discovery Italy has since become a premier destination management company in Piedmont Italy. Marked by attention to detail, and well established experience, the Discovery Team strives to create the most vibrant, exciting, complete products, supporting them with a world class customer support team. Discovery Italy’s number one priority is the complete and total satisfaction of partners and corporate clients alike.