Meetings e Conferences

With companies becoming more global, meetings require more and more planning.  Important meetings are just not the same over the phone or even with video conferencing, and we at Discovery Italy realize how important it is for your company’s future to have a flawless conference/meeting.  We arrange the facilities, catering, accommodation, transportation, and any other logistical concerns, so you can focus on what is important.  Furthermore, we can arrange meetings in beautiful locations which can both impress all the attendees, and be a source of inspiration.

Our locations can easily be reached by train, car, or a choice of these international airports (Torino, Milano and Genova).

“Luck does not exist: there is a time when talent meets the opportunity”.



Ignited by the Olympic flames of Torino, Discovery Italy has since become a premier destination management company in Piedmont Italy. Marked by attention to detail, and well established experience, the Discovery Team strives to create the most vibrant, exciting, complete products, supporting them with a world class customer support team. Discovery Italy’s number one priority is the complete and total satisfaction of partners and corporate clients alike.

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