Winter Activities

The mountains offer so much more than just skiing.

In fact for the true thrill seekers, there are heart pounding activities that can both build stronger teams and great future leaders.

Whether your group is just looking for an adrenalin rush, a group outing, a fun new experience or a true teambuilding activity, we at Discovery can offer exactly what you are looking for.

If you don’t know what activity would be best for your group we can advise you!

Ice Diving

Ice Diving is a unique and unforgettable activity which involves, on various levels, both expert scuba divers and adventurous beginners. Thanks to the special equipment and competent and well-prepared staff who have been trained to tackle even the most difficult of situations, your group will go under a white blanket of snow. There lies a thick sheet of ice hiding the cold waters of a mountain lake, which, particularly in winter, conjures up magical images of fairytale stories.

Olympic Slopes & Ski/Snowboard Races

Our instructors will take you on a tour of the slopes to reveal the secrets of the mountain and the areas that witnessed great athletic feats during the 2006 Olympics and numerous World Cup races. To create a friendly challenge between teams, we propose a ski and snowboard race, adaptable for all levels.

Treasure Hunt on the Snow

The teams will compete against each other in the snow for the mysterious and sought after treasure. We can organize half day treasure hunts on the ski slopes, around the resort or with snow shoes, depending on the requests and capabilities of the group. We can also organize for groups of skiers and non-skiers to work together, communicating with each other by walkie talkie.

Rally Driving on Ice

In the winter the safe driving course becomes a technical and entertaining circuit on ice. The driving exercises will always be carried out with an instructor in the passenger seat, and will be followed by ability tests, based on the individual’s capability to carry out different maneuvers within given space and time limits, followed by a final classification.


Biathlon (from the Greek for: two tries) is a winter sport, made up of two separate disciplines; rifle shooting and cross-country skiing. The sport has become continuously more popular, and is nowadays one of the most followed sports in many countries. Corporate groups can practice the sport on the Olympic cross-country circuit and in the adjacent shooting range, in complete safety, thanks to the training of professional instructors.


A different way of living the mountain, passion for skiing is taken to its highest expression. Heliski is ideal for small groups of expert skiers.

Sled dog

For corporate groups we propose a first approach to the wonderful world of sled dogging, with breathtaking excursions through the fabulous nature of the Alpine landscape. For small groups we can also organize full-immersion courses of one or two days.


Quite literally mountaineering means climbing up from something. The Alps have breathtaking views, locations, some with ancient and historical sites, perched atop the mountain awaiting those brave enough to climb up to them. A true team building activity, Mountaineering offers, excitement, inspiration, and a truly memorable day.


Two teams with 6 players each, armed with special brushes, regular shoes rather than ice-skates, confront each other on the ice-skating rinks. A good time is guaranteed, both with the joy of playing without limits, and precariously balancing on the slippery ice. This entertaining sport has won many supporters and is played all over the world.

Quad & Snowmobile Excursions

The snowmobile / skidoo, a means of transport used also for work in Northern countries, has now become a means of entertainment. After a few simple instructions, accompanied by expert guides, the group will be led through woods and winding mountain tracks in the midst of breathtaking mountain scenery. It is a unique and unforgettable experience. The quad excursions are carried out in a similar way, with different itineraries, again in the breathtaking scenery of the Olympic Mountains.


Easy to learn but difficult to master, curling is the perfect exercise of precision and team work. It is also extremely fun. The brooms and the 19kg polished stones are provided, together with expert tuition. We highly recommend this activity for a relaxing, fun couple of hours with friends or colleagues who have a competitive inclination.

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